Jimmy Fallon As Bob Dylan Takes Aim At Trump, Hosts Songversation With Justin Timberlake

In the clip taken in black and white, Fallon dons wig a guitar and glasses to carry out without mentioning him by 36, his rendition of the 1964 song that takes jabs at President Trump.  

The late night host croons: “Come Men and Women who hashtag Me Too / And believe me when I say we believe you / For weak is the Person who calls Fact ‘fake news’ / Time’s up, our silence we’re breaking”

In another verse, he provides reporters his support.

Justin Timberlake, with Sunday’s halftime performer, he also spent some time for the special of Fallon.

Fallon along with his pal and collaborator had a songversation, which involves a mixture of talking and singing. Confused? After the two realized they had vastly different plans for the major match  — with Timberlake performing and Fallon reaping the benefits of a seven-layer dip he made with the assistance of Pinterest —  both belted out “We lead two distinct lives, two different lives.”

See more of the songvo from the clip over. (Please forgive us for “using abbreviations, shortening words in an attempt to seem trendy and young” like Timberlake and Fallon.)