New Bob Dylan Set To Feature Entire Official

For Bob Dylan fans who think they have everything, a brand new box set promises to offer a little something extra.

Bob Dylan Entire Album Collection Vol Wednesday.

One has been touted as the “entire official discography” of the singer/songwriter, from 1962’s Meet Bob Dylan through 2012’s Tempest, as well as 2 “side tracks” disks comprising non-album singles, B-sides, songs from films and compliations and other rarities.

The set contains six albums 35 studio names and a hardcover book with liner notes that are album-by-album.

Due Nov. 5, the Complete Album Collection Vol.

One will likely be available as a USB stick and as a CD box set containing the music, in both MP3 and FLAC lossless formats, with an electronic version of the hardcover booklet, housed in a box.