Bob Dylan To Give Concerts In Sweden After Nobel Fete That Is Overlooking

Nation entertainment team says the new Nobel Prize winner will give two concerts at the Waterfront from the capital April 1 – 2, as well as playing in the city on April 9.

Dylan’s past gigs in Sweden were just two concerts in 2015 at the Waterfront, which has a capacity of 3,000.

Dylan declined the invitation to the Dec. 10 Nobel ceremony and banquet, pleading other obligations, but expressed amazement at receiving the Nobel Prize in literature and thanked the Swedish Academy for adding him among the “giants” of composing.

‘Lost’ Dylan Lyrics Birth ‘Basement Tapes’

An indispensible collection of raw, the Basement Tapes, roots-hugging Americana crafted although the rock world was adrift in psychedelia, remains one of Bob Dylanpotent and’s most influential works.

And he wasn’t finished.

His recently Uncovered lyrics for two dozen songs written in 1967 Type the foundation for Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes, a Record featuring Elvis Costello, ” Rhiannon Giddens of Carolina Chocolate Drops, Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons and producer T Bone Burnett.

The group has been creating music for the lyrics and is at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles finishing tracks for an album to be published later this season by Electromagnetic Recordings/Harvest Records. It’ll Be accompanied Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued, by a Showtime documentary. He also led the Wilco doc I Am.

Back in 1967, Dylan Listed over 100 tracks with the Hawks (musicians who Afterwards rose to fame as The Band) at and about his Woodstock, N.Y., Dwelling, including I Shall Be Released, This Wheel’s On Fire and You Ain’t Going Nowhere.

Songs surfaced in bootlegs although not officially until 1975’s The Basement Tapes.

Nearly 50 decades after, Lost on the River revisits that period with a fresh set of players.

“Good music is best made when a neighborhood of musicians gets collectively for the common good,” Burnett says in an announcement. “There’s a deep well of support and jealousy in the room at all times, and that reflects the tremendous generosity shown by Bob in sharing those legends.”

Jones, whose movie will combine the current studio sessions with first Basement Tapes lore, adds, “The discovery of the formerly unknown Bob Dylan tunes which were believed lost since 1967 is the stuff of Hollywood fiction along with a find of truly historic proportions. It is a special opportunity to these artists and picture T Bone since they collaborate with every other, and a young Bob Dylan, to create songs and recordings. These days and nights in the studio have been nothing less than magical.”

New Bob Dylan Set To Feature Entire Official Discography

For Bob Dylan fans who believe they have everything, a brand new box set promises to provide at least a little something extra.

Bob Dylan Entire Album Collection Vol, Wednesday.

One has been touted as the “complete official discography” of the singer/songwriter, from 1962’s Meet Bob Dylan through 2012’s Tempest, as well as 2 “side tracks” disks featuring non-album singles, B-sides, songs from movies and compliations and other rarities.

The set contains 35 studio titles, six albums and a hardcover book with liner notes that are album-by-album.

Due Nov. 5, the Entire Album Collection Vol.

One will be offered as a USB stick and as a CD box set containing all the audio, in either MP3 and FLAC lossless formats, using a version of the hardcover booklet, housed in a deluxe numbered box.

New Bob Dylan Place To Feature Whole Official Discography

For Bob Dylan fans who believe they have everything, a brand new box set promises to offer at least a little something extra.

Bob Dylan Complete Album Collection Vol, Wednesday.

One has been touted as the “complete official discography” of this singer/songwriter, from 1962’s Meet Bob Dylan through 2012’s Tempest, as well as two “side tracks” discs featuring non-album singles, B-sides, songs from movies and compliations and other rarities.

In addition, the set contains a hardcover book, six albums and 35 studio titles with liner notes that are album-by-album.

Because Nov. 5, the Entire Album Collection Vol.

An individual will likely be offered as a USB stick and as a CD box set comprising the audio, in both FLAC lossless formats and MP3, with a version of the hardcover booklet, housed in a box.

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Column: Nobel Prize Or Not, Bob Dylan Changed Us

If any Author deserved the Nobel Prize for Literature, it’s Bob Dylan.

The new honor marks the first time a songwriter has been Given the Decoration, but Dylan is hardly just a songwriter.    

Everything was changed by Bob Dylan.   Music changed. He shifted writing. He altered the kind of voices which could be on the radio. Through his lyrics he brought, and still brings, poetry to audiences who might have never appreciated it before.

Dylan joins Samuel Beckett, Gunter Grass, Pablo Neruda, Jean Paul Sartre, Pearl Buck, John Steinbeck, Albert Camus, Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, Toni Morrison, T.S. Elliot and many others.

Dylan owes a bit to nearly all of them, however, the younger ones likely also owe a little something to Dylan, too.

With Dylan songs   became literature.   No artist, of any stripe, has had phases at which he or she created more influential work than Dylan over the span of just two  decades – 1965 and 1966. From this period came the records Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde On Blonde and tunes such as Mr. Tambourine Man, Visions of Johanna, Like a Rolling Stone, Ballad of a Thin Man, Desolation Row and Just Like a Woman.   The tunes included free-association that, at least based on longtime friend Joan Baez, even Dylan didn’t know what it meant while he was creating them.

The traces are subject to a plethora of interpretations. There is  thickness. There is danger. He referenced modern culture, myths, classic literature and the Bible.   It seems like a subconscious exploding and divides into a concrete. Simply listen to the barrage of words from the pre-rap  Subterranean Homesick Blues.   Occasionally it sounds silly, but it is spiked with thoughts that have resonated with listeners ever since, including the line, “You do not need a weatherman to know  how the wind blows,” that has come to be  about as familiar as Benjamin Franklin’s maxims from Poor Richard’s Almanack.

And all this came  Later  Dylan had Awakened the Entire World with topical Tunes A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall, Blowin’ In the Wind and The Times They Are A-Changin’  and Chimes of Freedom — works that expressed the Thoughts of the Civil Rights Movement and the protests against the Vietnam War poetically rather than with Demonstration chants and signs.

He’s returned to external subjects throughout his career, constantly challenging us to look at another side of a film.

Dylan Initially performed in Knoxville in 1965 at the Civic Coliseum, but he appeared in Knoxville Several times, including a show at Thompson-Boling Arena and more intimate shows at the Civic Auditorium and the Tennessee Theatre.

He’ll appear at the Tennessee again on Nov. 9. I didn’t see him before he played in the Auditorium at the 1990s, and I was amazed at both his electricity stage and I could understand the words to the new tunes he sang. Unlike how he’s been depicted and the way he has sometimes sounded about television, Dylan decided to sing clearly and be understood.

The intriguing thing about Dylan as a performer is that he’s never stopped investigating, never stopped changing and never ceased baffling and  sometimes   infuriating audiences. When Dylan began incorporating rock into his folk songs, one British enthusiast famously shouted Judas  at the singer between his songs. Dylan’s answer was to tell the group to turn the volume up, then Dylan and the band launched into  Just Like a Rolling Stone, which moved on to become one of the best-loved songs in contemporary music.   After the Jewish-born artist adopted Christianity it was seen as a joke by a few and his work from the time was dismissed by many, but listen to his own faith-based tune Every Grain of Sand  from the age  and try to make an argument that it’s not one of his best works. It is a good illustration of just how easy and concise good writing could be.

When Dylan recently published two albums crooning classic pop standards, audiences and critics were befuddled again. Dylan doesn’t apologize. He moves forward. But it should be noted that the last time he released two albums of songs he had not written he returned with the album Time Out of Mind (1997), that contained some of his most powerful brand new tunes in years. Again, the tunes could be obtained as simple amusement, but were worthy of profound investigation — if you wanted to move there.

Of course the analysts have gotten creating a religion but that is how people have been influenced by his work.

The majority of us are fans of Dylan. His music provided a background and has helped us through challenging times. However, in addition, he changed us just like he changed music.He made those of us who grew up in the 1960s and ’70s look at music differently and occasionally made us examine the world differently. Great art does this. And he did. There was more popular or beloved than The Beatles in the 1960s and listen to their songs  as soon as they listened to Dylan. He continues to do both with artists along with listeners.   Music artists each week and I talk and songwriters often reference Dylan’s influence. It would be impossible to not be influenced if they were not directly affected.   Is there? Is there? It would be hard to imagine.

All you can resolve about Dylan winning the Nobel Prize is.

Patti Smith Explains Dylan Lyric Flub In Essay

Patti Smith states when she stumbled across the lyrics of a Bob Dylan song during the Nobel Prize ceremony last week, it had been because she had been overwhelmed with nerves from the enormity of the encounter, not because she forgot the words to A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall.

Smith writes in a article published Wednesday by the New Yorker that after enjoying the song because she was a teen and rehearsing it incessantly in the days and months leading up to the ceremony, its lyrics “were now a part of me.”

“I had not forgotten the words which were now a part of me,” she writes. “I was simply not able to draw them out.”

The singer-songwriter explains that she’d picked one of her own songs when she was invited in September to play at the Nobel ceremony in honour of their eventual literature laureate. But when Dylan was declared as the receiver, she picked one of her longtime favorites from his catalogue.

Smith writes that on the afternoon of the ceremony, “I thought of my mom, who bought me my first Dylan record when I was barely sixteen.”

“It happened to me then , although I didn’t reside at the time of Arthur Rimbaud, I existed in the time of Bob Dylan,” Smith writes. “I also thought of my husband remembered performing the song together, picturing his hands forming the chords.”

Smith suddenly stopped singing during her performance at Stockholm’s Concert Hall on Dec. 10 and asked the orchestra to start again. “I apologize. I am sorry, I am so nervous,” Smith said at the moment.

In her candid, poetic piece published Wednesday, she says guests at the ceremony received her and advised her that her operation “appeared a metaphor for our own struggles.” She says that the experience made her “come to terms with all the truer nature of my duty.”

“Why can we commit our job? Why do we perform?” She writes. “It’s above all for the entertainment and transformation of the folks. It is all for them. The tune requested for nothing. The inventor of the song requested for nothing. So why should I ask for anything?”

Five To See Our Listing Is Led By Bob Dylan, Cher

Corrections & Clarifications: An earlier version of this report gave the incorrect start date for Cher’s Dressed to Kill tour.


Viva la behaviors!

When Katy Perry and One Management hit the street dreams came true, but this fall’s concert lineup is . As present tours from Fleetwood Mac, Paul McCartney and Garth Brooks have revealed, “we are certainly seeing the ‘heritage acts’ continuing to be big draws,” says Billboard senior correspondent Andrew Hampp. That trend will likely continue in the months ahead of time, as these top 40 troubadours and indelible icons saddle for U.S. treks.


The times they are a-changin’, but the folk singer has endured due to enigmatic persona and his poetic lyrics.

Putting the point: Dylan has played with the U.S. just about every single year in recent memory as part of his unofficially titled “Never Ending excursion,” most recently teaming with Wilco and My Morning Jacket in 2013 on the joint Americanarama Festival of Music tour. The icon’s 32-date theater blackout starts Friday at Seattle, culminating at a five-show ending at New York’s Beacon Theatre through Dec. 3.

Why it’s a tour de force: “Bob is always a great ticket, since you never know exactly what you’re going to get,” Hampp states. “His setlists can change nightly, he obviously has an extremely massive catalog to pull from, and he also does bring out really great openers, therefore it’s the full package.”

Tickets: $62–$190


The charismatic singer has scaled the charts with his pop/R&B hybrid, bagging 10 hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 for example DJ, OMG and Scream Got Us Fallin’ .

Setting the stage: His new album may be delayed indefinitely, from mapping out a massive world tour, certain to be and spectacle-laden as his several awards-show performances, but that hasn’t ceased Usher. Joined by August Alsina and DJ Cassidy, the UR Experience Rush arrives Nov. 1 in Montreal and concludes its North American leg Dec. 14 at Tampa.

Why it is a tour de force: “Usher may have gotten plenty of recent press exposure playing festivals and radio shows, however he hasn’t done a major arena tour because his sold-out trek in 2011,” says Gary Bongiovanni, editor of concert business website Pollstar. “That pent demand must lead to good business for (not only) his forthcoming North American dates, but in addition his European arena tour in February and March.”

Tickets: $49–$207


The pioneer has formed funk, soul and pop in his more than 50-year career, crafting beloved classics such as Superstition, I Just Called to Say I Love You and Isn’t She Beautiful.

Setting the stage: Although he’s played with numerous festivals and occasions in the past couple of decades, Wonder hasn’t embarked on a formal U.S. tour since 2009. On his upcoming 11-city jaunt — beginning Nov. 6 at New York and ending Dec. 5 Oakland — he will play his landmark 1976 album Songs In the Key of Life in its entirety.

Why it’s a tour de force: “Stevie Wonder has done some place dates, but he has not done an official tour in many years,” Bongiovanni says. “His tour should gain from his rare live schedule, and also the fact that he is featuring Songs In the Key of Life should make it unique for his fans.”

Tickets: $49–$191


The effervescent Alabama-based quartet — composed of Kimberly Schlapman, Phillip Sweet, Karen Fairchild and Jimi Westbrook — is riding up the Hot 100 with single Day Cooking off sixth record Pain Killer (outside Oct. 21).

Setting the stage: In support of its new album, the country group is starting a 15-date tour this autumn with Brett Eldredge and Brothers Osborne, kicking off Nov. 8 in Youngstown, Ohio, also wrapping Dec. 13 at Rockford, Ill.. Aside from songs off Pain Killer, do not be shocked if Little Big Town busts out some familiar tunes — they have been known to protect everybody from Fleetwood Mac to Lady Gaga.

Why it is a tour de force: “Little Big Town (is) one of the hottest acts in country right now,” Hampp says. “They’ve been together a very long time, but since their final record (2012’s Tornado), they’ve actually created a name for themselves.” After encouraging Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert on tour in recent decades, “they are having their huge blockbuster moment.”

Tickets: $43–$72


As the only artist to score No. 1 singles in six successive decades, Cher is as energetic as publishing her first album in 12 years, Closer to the Truth, final fall and embarking on another leg of her farewell tour after this fall.

Setting: since ending a three-year Las Vegas residency in 2010, wrapping the leg of her Dressed to Kill jaunt Earlier this year, the pop goddess put off on her first tour. She postponed a couple of fall dates because of a viral disease, with the tour running Nov. 9 in Lubbock, Texas, through Feb. 4 in Fargo, N.D.

Why it’s a tour de force: Her final tour, Living Proof: The Farewell (2002-2005), was charged as her swan song, but she “kept on it,” Hammp states. “But now that she says (this) really is the last one, it’s sort of a last-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Tickets: $19–$510

Patti Smith Forgets Words Delivers At Bob Dylan-less Nobel Service

A tough rain falls down much expected.

Singer-songwriter Patti Smith Had two attempts to get through Bob Dylan’s 1963 A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall  in Stockholm Sweden on Saturday at the Nobel Prize ceremony.

Smith faltered when she forgot the words in the verse of one of Dylan’s most famous songs full of lyrics that are complicated. Smith  asked the orchestra and written herself.

“I apologize. I am sorry, Could we begin that?   I am so nervous,” Smith said gently, since  the audience in Stockholm’s Concert Hall clapped in service.

The tune is at the 1 hour, 3 minute markers, in the video below.

After drawing a brief blank again in the third verse, Smith  finished the song with the emotional, soulful flourish. The Associated Press reported it left some in the crowd misty-eyed.

The tv announcer pointed out ” a celebrity like Patti Smith can get a bit nervous in a event like this.”

After becoming the first musician to win the Nobel literature award in the 115-year history of the academy, Dylan was not.

The 75-year-old won the prize “for having made fresh poetic expressions over the great American song tradition,” the Swedish Academy said.

Tim Beckham’s 4 Hits Highlight Nighttime As Orioles Pound A’s

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Tim Beckham prefers to not discuss how well he’s going in the plate since leaving Tampa Bay to combine the Baltimore Orioles.

Manager Buck Showalter refuses to jinx this.

“We’re not going to speak about him,” Showalter said. “Timmy enjoys playing out it resembles.”

Beckham struck on a two-run twice in his second plate appearance of the first inning as the Orioles matched their main frame of the year using a and went on to conquer the Oakland Athletics 12-5 on Saturday night.

Dylan Bundy (12-8) matched his career high with 10 strikeouts, equaling the number from his previous outing to win his third straight start and fourth successive decision. The right-hander allowed three runs and seven hits with three walks since the Orioles won for only the second time in five matches.

Adam Jones drove in three runs for Baltimore.

Beckham drew a walk to begin the game then extended his hitting streak to 12 games using the double, the Orioles’ eighth hit of this very first, and one of the four on the night. They ended with a season-high tying 20 hits and eight rebounds — one among the most in franchise history.

“I am seeing it nicely and it’s fun when you’re playing good and your team’s playing baseball,” Beckham said.

A Sean Manaea’s night was rough after only one out. Following the walk of Beckham, Baltimore obtained six direct hits with three of them doubles to leap ahead 4-0. Michael Brady relieved.

The A’s quickly got three runs back on Khris Davis’ two-run homer in the bottom of the initial and Matt Olson’s leadoff drive to start the second — his second homer in as many games — but they also left runners on second and first that inning.

After Joey Rickard got by pitch, Beckham doubled again in the fourth, and Jones hit a two-run only after his RBI double.

Oakland center fielder and leadoff hitter Boog Powell made his A’s debut a day after he had planned and struck out three times following a single and walk. He went into the emergency room Friday night following a late scratch because he had been fighting a cold and had trouble breathing from an asthma attack.

Manaea (8-7) didn’t get out of the fourth inning to get a third straight start — moving 6 2/3 total innings his previous three appearances — and dropped consecutive choices for just the second time all year, running his winless stretch to five starts since defeating Cleveland on July 16. Manager Bob Melvin suggested his pitcher might be tired.

“The past three starts have been awful,” Manaea explained.


Since joining the Orioles in a transaction from Tampa Bay on July 31, Beckham is batting a sizzling .531 (26 for 49) with nine multi-hit games.


Orioles: 2B Jonathan Schoop was hit by a pitch from Brady in the first time but remained in the game. … SS J.J. Hardy, on the disabled list since June 19 with a broken right wrist, won’t be triggered immediately when qualified next week. “He’s not likely to make the 18th. We’re hoping not too long after,” Showalter said. “He’s progressing right on schedule. He did his work now, he’s getting a bit better each day. He’s taking a lot of swings and he is not having soreness there. The bone itself has healed, it’s the other material we must get back into playing shape.” … RHP Ubaldo Jimenez is OK after leaving his Friday start in the first time when he required a hard-hit grounder by Chad Pinder on the lower right leg. Showalter expects him to make his second start.

Athletics: A’s CF prospect Dustin Fowler, that could be the starter next year if wholesome, had his right knee brace unlocked Saturday so he can now bend the knee as he rehabs from a frightening accident in his major league debut with the Yankees on June 29. Playing a road game he endured close to the wound and an open rupture of the patellar tendon when it struck a metal box used for Wi-Fi, and was carted off for prompt operation to fix the damage.

Before at least year’s end, Fowler is advised to remain with Oakland in his recovery.


Orioles: when he pitches Baltimore’s series finale at Oakland RHP Jeremy Hellickson makes his third start. He is 1-1 with a 2.08 ERA because the change.

Athletics: RHP Kendall Graveman (2-3, 4.97) looks for his first win in three starts since coming off the DL on Aug. 3.


More AP baseball:

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