Thank God for Someone Who Knows What They Are Doing

Ever try and design a website? They say it’s easy. I spent a week trying to do it and hated life. Until I found Jason M Design, I thought I wasn’t ever going to be able to express my dream through the internet. You go online with the idea of just making a simple site that is easy to look at and easy to use, and you find all sorts of promising stuff about sure you can do this it will only take a few days! I only had to dissolve into tears trying to figure the whole process out before I said forget this I need a professional. Not only that, I need a professional who isn’t going to nickel and dime me on the specifics. I need someone who will get the job done, and get it done quickly.

I sell crafts. Specifically, I sell crafts that I and a few other people who I know make with their own hands. It’s not a Fortune 500 operation. It’s actually a small operation that we sort of want to turn into a business. None of us expect to get rich from it. It’s more just sharing our craft with the world and hoping we find some customers who like what we do and are willing to part with a few dollars to acquire our stuff. That’s it. It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s our little dream and we needed a site to make it happen.

Thanks to Jason M Design, the dream became a reality. They dealt with all the specifics of putting a site together so we can run it and not have to worry about coding something or where something goes. What a relief! I thought I’d have to go to school just to figure out how to make the site. Now we can focus on our product and our customers and not worry about the technology side of things.